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Why work with Level

Choosing a job is a big decision. Most recruiters have never worked in your field or understand your technical skill set. Level is different. We are engineers who've worked with, hired, and managed technical folks. With Level you'll find an informed thought partner who can help you make your next move.

  • Compensation - we have data, so you know when you get a fair offer.
  • Where to work - we know who’s hiring and where you can grow.
  • Org - we will save you time and get your resume in front of the right people.
  • We focus on roles that we’ve personally worked in. We speak your language.
  • We won’t pattern match on resume keywords.

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    Recruiting well takes time. Level’s process focuses on finding great candidates and evaluating their skills so that you have a high-quality top of funnel. We make sure people are seriously looking, run a programming test, and deliver thoughtful feedback. Add firepower to your in-house recruiting team or scale your process by quickly getting candidates that match your needs.

    We would rather send you a few, screened, exceptional candidates rather than a bunch of marginal ones. Because we hire exclusively for technical roles, we’ve got this process down to a science.

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