Level works with companies looking for great technical talent, regardless of size. Our ideal partners are ambitious, fast-growing companies. The people we attract tend to be excited about making technical and business impact. Our typical company is between 20-100 people and has raised a Series A or later. We work with a few exceptional founders whose companies are even smaller (< 10 people). At the other end, we partner with companies of over 1000 people that are 20 years old.
Our goal is to help people find the right fit, not just slot someone in at a company. We often leverage our networks to help folks make their next move. If you are looking to join Google, we won’t be helpful (and they have probably contacted you anyway). We help people find exciting opportunities that would normally be difficult to find.
If you are developer, we’d like to pair with you on a programming problem. It usually takes less than an hour. We are looking for an ability to produce correct solutions quickly, verify that you can indeed write code, and get a sense for how you think about systems, design, and algorithms.

If you are a data scientist, we will work through a quantitative programming exercise, depending on role. It varies because “Data Scientist” is an ambiguous term. It can mean hardcore machine learning engineer or business analyst. Among the skills we care about are: SQL, fluency in statistics and ML, taste for defining and solving meaningful business problems.
Level speeds up the hiring process and provides coaching to increase your chances of landing your dream job. Level jumpstarts the process with a phone screen that puts you in front of multiple companies at once. Doing a phone screen with us can save you the trouble of having to do one with every company. And as for coaching, it doesn’t hurt to practice with a very friendly, helpful ear. We are excited to help you dust off any interview awkwardness.
Anywhere from minutes to a week. Some people interview a day after we meet.

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Can your recruiter code? We can. We have also seen teams grow at breakneck pace and have done hundreds of technical interviews. Want to talk to people who can code deeply, communicate their ideas clearly, and perform under pressure? We can help you filter for that. Want to save your engineering team’s time at the top of your hiring funnel? We help you do that too.
We work with engineers, data scientists, and data analysts.
Behind the scenes our technology can source and engage people that are traditionally hard to find and well-matched to your team.
Chances are we can send you candidates right away. For unique roles it can take us a few weeks.
Our goal is to send you quality rather than quantity. Agency recruiters usually like to send several mediocre candidates alongside a few good ones. Level doesn’t sandbag. We would rather send you one good person than 10 people who are only OK.

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